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Below you’ll find a curated list of affiliate marketing websites and how much money they make. – $50,000 per month

This site and several similar are owned by Graeme McGaw, who reported in an August 2021 interview that the network pulls in about $50,000 per month.

  • A website about books.
  • Example added: August 2021

Order Of Books

Other sites in Graeme’s network:


Graeme has been publishing book lists online for more than a decade and his mini-empire is now earning $50k/month – according to this Starter Story interview – mainly via affiliate links to Amazon.

DollarSprout – $150,000+ per month

Up until June 2019, founders Jeff Proctor and Ben Huber posted monthly income reports that showed they were earning $150,000+ per month from their website.

  • A website about money.
  • Example added: August 2021

DollarSproutHow the site looked in June 2019 (via the Wayback Machine)

Check out the income reports for DollarSprout here.

The last 4 monthly reports they posted:

  • November 2018: $91,429
  • December 2018: $104,097
  • January 2019: $180,285
  • February 2019: $167,390

The site was started in February 2015, and is mainly monetized via affiliate marketing.

Here’s a good video breakdown of how the site makes money:

Fit Healthy Momma – $20,000 per month

The founder of the site reported in a February 2021 interview that the site earns up to $20,000 per month via several affiliate programs.

  • A website about health and fitness.
  • Example added: August 2021

Fit Healthy Momma

According to a February 2021 interview on Side Hustle Nation, Tami Smith was a freelance writer earning $6000/month before starting her own site. She started Fit Healthy Momma at the end of 2019 and in only a year had it earning as much as $20,000/month.

Tami started off doing what she knew best, writing what she calls “classic, old school affiliate posts”. These are posts with buyer intent, where Tami can link to products on Amazon and make a commission.

Eventually Tami diversified and joined other affiliate programs so she wouldn’t be so dependent on Amazon.

Little Coffee Place – $8,000 per month

The founder of the site reported in a November 2020 interview that the site earns $8,000 to $10,000 per month, mostly via the Amazon affiliate program.

  • A website about coffee.
  • Example added: August 2021

Little Coffee Place

From a November 2020 interview with the founder on Starter Story:

Most of our income comes from Amazon affiliation, followed by other coffee affiliates, and Mediavine advertisements.

Own The Yard – $4000 per month

The owner of Own The Yard reported in June 2021 that the site was earning “close to $4k” per month from display ads, with another 40 to 50% of monthly revenue coming from the Amazon affiliate program.

  • Backyard and gardening website.
  • Example added: June 2021

Own The Yard homepageAbove: the Own The Yard homepage in June 2021.

Here’s a tweet from site owner Spencer Haws reporting the earnings from the site:

That would put the total earnings from the site at $7000 to $8000 per month.

The Penny Hoarder – sold for $102.5 million

The Penny Hoarder sold to Sykes Enterprises for $102.5 million at the end of 2020, as reported by the St. Pete Catalyst. The site’s revenue for the previous 12-month period was reported to be approximately $1 million per week.

  • Personal finance website.
  • Example added: December 2020

Above: the Penny Hoarder homepage in December 2020.

The Penny Hoarder was founded by Kyle Taylor in 2010, apparently while he was $50k in debt.

As per the aforementioned St. Pete Catalyst report:

The Penny Hoarder had $50 million in revenue on a trailing 12-month basis as of Sept. 30.

The site looks to be monetized via display ads and affiliate marketing. Presumably they make most of their revenue from the latter, though they seem to refer to their affiliate partners as “sponsors” or “advertising partners” on the website.

Fin vs Fin – $50,000 per month

The owners of Fin vs Fin reported in a September 2020 update at Side Hustle Nation that the site was earning revenue of $50,000 per month.

  • D2C product comparisons and wellness reviews.
  • Example added: December 2020

Fin vs Fin affiliate marketing site

The site was launched at the beginning of 2019.

Owners Alex Goldberg and Healy Jones reported to Side Hustle Nation that after about a year it was bringing in $17-20k a month, and after another several months they were up to $50k/month.

Simply Insurance – $50,000 per month

The owner of Simply Insurance revealed during an interview that his 3-year-old website was earning $50,000 per month in revenue, from only 25,000 monthly visitors.

  • A website about insurance.
  • Example updated: September 2020

Simply Insurance homepage

As per our profile of Sa El – the owner of Simply Insurance – he was a door-to-door insurance salesman in Atlanta and had more than 11 years of experience in the industry before starting Simply Insurance.

Sa has said that he worked on the site for 9 months before he saw his first commission check:

“It was the best day of my life, I knew it worked. That’s all I needed to know, that it worked.”

It’s A Lovely Life – $20,000+ per month

This site occasionally posts income reports. Reports for July and August 2019 noted more than $100,000 each month for “sponsored content and affiliate income.” Our conservative estimate is that the site earns at least $20,000 per month via affiliate marketing.

  • A website about family lifestyle and travel.
  • Example added: December 2019

affiliate marketing website: its a lovely life


its a lovely life about

SFTourismTips – $4,500 per month

The owner of SFTourismTips shared with us via email that “total revenue per month is about $5k and about 90% of that is affiliate marketing.”

  • A website about things to see and do in San Francisco.
  • Example added: December 2019

affiliate marketing website: SF Tourism Tips

Jill Loeffler started SFTourismTips in 2009 and shared some details about the site with us via email. Total revenue of $5,000 per month fits with an Ahrefs organic traffic estimate of 85,000 per month:

SF Tourism Tips Ahrefs

Notably, SFTourismTips is NOT a WordPress website. Jill shares on her site how she created and still runs the site using a platform called Solo Build It (SBI).

Survival Life – $100,000 per month

Back in 2014, the owner of Survival Life revealed that the site was generating “one million in sales every month — and growing.” We conservatively estimate that 10% of that income was from affiliate marketing (ie. $100,000 per month).

  • A website about survival and emergency preparedness.
  • Example added: December 2019

affiliate marketing website survival lifeHow the site looked in February 2014 (via the Wayback Machine), when it was reportedly generating $1 million in revenue each month.

From a 2014 blog post by site owner Ryan Deiss:

One of our most successful blogs,, has grown to one million in sales.

That’s not annual sales. We generate one million in sales every month — and growing.

[…] At Survival Life we sell a mix of in-house offers, affiliate offers and premium subscriptions to our content.

The site was apparently getting more than 400,000 visits per month back then, but that seems to have been the peak of its success. As per Ahrefs, organic traffic to Survival Life had dropped to ~2,500 per month by the end of 2019:

survival life organic traffic Ahrefs

With that, affiliate income from the site nowadays is likely less than $100/month.

Golf Insider UK – $1,400 per month

The owner of Golf Insider UK revealed in an interview that the site earns “mid-four figures” – which we’ll estimate as $4,000 – with approximately 35% of the revenue coming from affiliate marketing (ie. $1,400).

  • A website about golf.
  • Example added: December 2019

affiliate marketing website golf insider uk

Details shared by site owner Will Shaw in an interview with Project Hatch:

golf insider uk interviewgolf insider uk interview

Will shared his revenue splits in a comment on this Reddit thread:

golf insider uk interview Reddit

  • Will notes in his interview that he found the Authority Hacker podcast to be a great resource while building his site. Authority Hacker have a premium course about affiliate marketing which we’ve reviewed in-depth review here.

The owner of revealed in an interview that the site earns approximately $20,000 per month, with about $12,000 of that coming from affiliate marketing.

  • A website about flooring.
  • Example added: December 2019

affiliate marketing website the flooring girl

From an interview with Side Hustle Nation:

the flooring girl interview Side Hustle Nation

As per the show notes for that same interview, apparently earns $20,000 per month in revenue, with $12,000 of that coming from affiliate marketing ($7,000 from the Amazon affiliate program alone).

Making Sense of Cents – $50,000+ per month

The owner of Making Sense of Cents has been posting monthly income reports since 2011 and reporting income of $100,000+ per month since 2016, with $50,000+ per month attributed to affiliate marketing.

  • A website about personal finance and lifestyle.
  • Example added: November 2019

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing homepage

You can see income reports from site owner Michelle Schroeder-Gardner dating back to 2011 here and here.

Up until November of 2018, Michelle was sharing the breakdown of her affiliate income each month, and Bluehost usually accounted for 50% or more of her affiliate earnings.

  • Michelle offers her own premium affiliate marketing course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. Read our in-depth review here.

Money Under 30 – sold for $7 million

“Marketing company XLMedia PLC on Monday announced it has brought US financial services comparison website,, for USD7.0 million.” – Morningstar UK report from August 2017

  • A website about personal finance for young adults.
  • Example added: November 2019

Money Under 30 homepage 2016How the site looked in February 2016 (via the Wayback Machine)

From the Money Under 30 about page:

Money Under 30 affiliate disclosure

Several months prior to the acquisition of Money Under 30, XLMedia acquired a similar site… – sold for $9.3 million

“XLMedia, a leading provider of digital performance marketing, is pleased to announce the acquisition of, one of Canada’s leading credit card comparison websites, for a total consideration of US$9.3 million.” – Business Wire report from January 2017

  • A website comparing credit cards and other financial services.
  • Example added: November 2019

Greedyrates homepageHow the site looked when it was sold in January 2017 (via the Wayback Machine)

Sleeping Culture – $4,000 per month

This site was featured as a case study on, where it was reported that earnings were up to $4,000 per month within a year of launching.

  • A website about sleep.
  • Example added: November 2019

Sleeping Culture homepage

The interesting thing about this particular site is that all content creation appears to have been outsourced.

The site was monetized entirely through Amazon Associates:

Sleeping Culture Amazon Associates stats

Epic Gardening – $50,000+ per month

The owner of Epic Gardening reported that the site was earning “certainly into the 5 figures per month” range, while Authority Hacker reported that, “sometimes it even tips over into 6 figures per month.”

  • A website about gardening.
  • Example added: October 2019

Affiliate marketing website: Epic Gardening

Site owner Kevin Espiritu was profiled on the Authority Hacker website, where it was reported that Epic Gardening sometimes earns as much as $100,000 per month.

At the 3:40 mark of the following video, Kevin says that the site grew from $500-700 per month in earnings back in 2016, to “now certainly into the 5 figures per month, and sometimes touching a little bit higher than that.”

It’s unclear what percentage of Epic Gardening’s earnings come from affiliate marketing – the site also earns money from display ads and ecommerce – but it looks like much of the content is monetized via the Amazon affiliate program.

Groovy Marketing – $17,134 per month

As per a sale listing on Flippa, Groovy Marketing was earning revenue of $17,134 per month, with 85% of that being profit.

  • A website primarily about Clickfunnels and alternatives.
  • Example added: October 2019

Affiliate marketing website: Groovy Marketing

The asking price for the site on Flippa was $350,000, but it was unsold at the time of this writing.

From the seller’s notes on Flippa:

This business enjoys passive, high margin, recurring revenue from affiliate marketing sales that requires little management or upkeep. […] It takes less than one hour a week to manage. It already creates 6-figure net annual revenue. If someone wanted to, they could double or triple its production with very little time investment.

As of this writing, the vast majority of articles on the site are about the popular Clickfunnels software, so most of the site’s revenue is likely coming via the Clickfunnels affiliate program.

The Wirecutter – sold for $30 million

Vox reported in 2016 that the New York Times purchased the five-year-old Wirecutter website for approximately $30 million.

  • A website reviewing different categories of consumer products.
  • Example added: October 2019

Affiliate marketing website: The WirecutterHow the site looked when it was sold in October 2016 (via the Wayback Machine)

Brian Lam launched The Wirecutter in 2011 and by the end of 2012 the New York Times reported that the site was earning “about $50,000 a month” and “doubling every quarter.”

Famous for its editorial standards, The Wirecutter produced high-quality product reviews and comparisons, and monetized via the affiliate programs of companies like Amazon and Best Buy.

Just A Girl And Her Blog – $39,832 per month

The owner of Just A Girl And Her Blog published income reports from 2014 to 2016 and listed average earnings of $39,832 per month for 2016.

  • A website about organizing, decorating, and blogging.
  • Example added: October 2019

Affiliate marketing website: Just A Girl And Her BlogHow the site looked in December 2016 (via the Wayback Machine)

Abby Lawson started Just A Girl And Her Blog in 2013 and in a few years she was working on it full-time with her husband.

She published income reports for a 35-month stretch, beginning with $2,446 in revenue in February 2014 and ending with $41,700 in December 2016. She reported $27,507 in affiliate earnings that last month.

Succulents and Sunshine – $5,500 per month

The owner of Succulents and Sunshine reported gross revenue of $200,000 in 2018. Roughly a third of that came from affiliate marketing, which works out to about $5,500/month.

  • A website about house plants.
  • Example added: October 2019

Affiliate Marketing website succulents and sunshine

Cassidy Tuttle, the owner of the site, shared some details in a YouTube video posted in March 2019:

In the video Cassidy notes that site earnings are split pretty evenly between ads, affiliates, and info products.

  • The above video was posted on Income School’s YouTube channel. They have a premium course that teaches you how to build sites like Cassidy’s. Read our in-depth review of the course here.

Swim University – $25,000 per month

The owner of Swim University reports that it makes about $300,000 a year, which works out to $25,000 per month.

  • A website about pool and hot tub care.
  • Example added: October 2019

Affiliate marketing website swim university

Swim University owner Matt Giovanisci was interviewed on the Niche Pursuits podcast in September 2018 and shared some numbers:

“Right now in 2018–and I have concrete numbers up until August because we’re recording this mid-September–it has done $244,819.00 so far in 2018. Last year in 2017, it did $229,000.00 so it’s significantly–obviously, it’s not the end of the year yet and my latter half of the year is usually slower because it’s a pool industry but I’m assuming it’s going to get up to $300,000.00 by the end of the year.”

Related interview with Matt: How I earn $35,000/month online with affiliate marketing and digital info products

Vaporizer Friend – $988 per month

The owner of Vaporizer Friend reported that it had earned $47,440 in affiliate commissions in 4 years, which works out to $988.33 per month.

  • A website that reviews vaporizers.
  • Example added: October 2019

Affiliate marketing website vaporizer friend

Justin Meister, the owner of the site, revealed his earnings in a September 2019 YouTube video:

(The video has since been taken offline, unfortunately.)

Justin clarified via the video comments that the $47,440 in earnings came over a 4-year period.

Camper Report – $8,000 per month

Camper Report earns “slightly over $8,000 per month in very passive income.”

  • A website about campers and RVs.
  • Example added: October 2019

Affiliate marketing website camper report

This site was built by the creators of Income School.

They report:

Slightly over $8,000 per month in very passive income.  Earnings come mostly from ads, followed by Amazon affiliate.  We anticipate an approximately 20% drop to the income during winter months since this niche is slightly seasonal.

You can see the traffic growth for the site from the 1:35 mark of this video:

Thank Your Skin – $6,184 per month

At its peak, Thank Your Skin was earning $6,184 per month over a four-month stretch.

  • A website about skin care.
  • Example added: October 2019

Affiliate marketing website Thank Your SkinHow the site looked in November 2016 (via the Wayback Machine)

This site was interesting because the owner live-blogged his progress as he was building and growing it. You can see a list of updates about the site at

As per this update, it looks like October 2016 to January 2017 was the peak earnings stretch for the site:

Thank Your Skin earnings

However, the final update in the series shows that the site got hit with a Google update in August 2017, and earnings dropped below $3000 that month. – $57,195 per month

Site owner Ryan Robinson publishes monthly income reports and recorded average earnings of $57,195 per month for a four-month period in 2019.

  • A website about blogging and building a side business.
  • Example added: October 2019 affiliate marketing website

Ryan has been reporting his monthly income for quite a while. Here are the reports for the 4-month stretch mentioned above:

  • March 2019 – $58,210
  • April 2019 – $58,234
  • May 2019 – $57,411
  • June 2019 – 54,923

Note that Ryan earned most of that income as an affiliate for Bluehost. His monthly income had dipped to $25,280 by September 2019.

Dirt Bike Planet – $2,500 per month

Dirt Bike Planet “is earning about $2,500 per month in passive income.”

  • A website about dirt bikes.
  • Example added: October 2019

Affiliate marketing website dirt bike planet

This site was bought and revamped by the creators of Income School, who now report that it’s earning “about $2,500 per month in passive income.”

In the August 2017 video below – starting at the 6:55 mark – they reveal that:

  • They bought the site for $7,000 earlier in 2017
  • It was earning about $3000 per year when they bought it – sold for $134 million

BBC News reported in 2012 that sold for £87 million – about $134 million at the time – after 9 years of operation.

  • A website about personal finance.
  • Example added: October 2019

Affiliate marketing website money saving expertHow the site looked when it was sold in June 2012 (via the Wayback Machine)

From the same BBC News article:

In the 12 months to the end of last October, MoneySavingExpert generated revenues of nearly £16m from 39 million users.

Of this income, about 59% was earned from referral fees paid by MoneySupermarket, which is based in Ewloe, Flintshire.

An affiliate marketing website is one that makes money via affiliate or referral programs.

They’re all essentially the same thing.

The above graphic uses the Amazon affiliate program as an example. Many other ecommerce sites also have affiliate programs you can sign up for.

If someone else is selling something online, chances are they have an affiliate program you can sign up for. Then it’s simply a matter of linking to their products and services from your website, and collecting a commission for every sale you refer.

If you’re looking to build your own affiliate marketing website, a good course can help.

We’re always looking for more great examples of affiliate sites.

Leave a comment below if you know any we should add to this list.