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“While this is a real tablet with everything that kids want, it also comes with several important safety features.”

“Infants and toddlers can simply press the belly of this cuddly panda for songs, giggles, and more.”

“This toy has four different modes that help kids ages 3 to 5 learn to spell, phonics, and word association.”

“It contains 847 pieces to build five different robots, from a semi-functioning guitar to a multi-tooled rover car.”

“If your 10-year-old is into video games, this console—which allows them to play on the go and remotely with friends—is a huge hit.”

“Kids can travel the world without leaving their bedroom with this interactive globe toy, which includes 5+ hours of BBC videos.”

“This colorful tracker encourages kids to meet their activity goals with virtual badges and on-screen celebrations.”

“This waterproof point-and-shoot camera is easy to use and solid enough to last for years.”