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From the United States


Reviewed in the United States on August 11, 2020

Where to start : Purchased phone model 3218 from target store on 2-27-20. On march 16 2020 called customer support ,phone would not send or received pictures, employee named Philipi said was not phone ,but my carrier (consumer cellular).Several calls later carrier said was problem with phone. Never resolved problem, along with other problems, none solved. Could not return to Target past their 30 day return policy!!! Decided to use phone as is!!! On May 21 2020 , phone would not turn on, called customer support , we tried several things, nothing worked. After several day of problem attempts, Sue (employee) said would replace phone and would ship new phone on May 28 2020. Waited till June 11 2020, no phone. Called again talked to Henry (employee) , Had no record of any call from me or phone being shipped to me?? “BUT” not to worry would make new work order and ship new phone today June 11 2020. Waited again!!! On June 25 2020, no phone, called again , left message, June 29 2020 received return call from Philipi. Had talked to Philipi before, (very nice Young man)” felt better” , might get this resolved now!!!! Again no work order on record, but he would fix and ship new phone, should received new phone by July 15 2020 ,because of holiday. July 20 2020 “NO” phone!! Called Philipi left message. July 24 2020 Philipi returned call, ( you would think by now figured I am being “Scammed”). Could not find out nothing anything shipping manager gone for weekend. Philipi would call me back on July 28 2020. He called back . Said had been shipped , gave me shipping number to track. This review written on August 11 2020, still no phone no such tracking number!!!! This company and their employees are Con men, thiefs, and dishonest. “DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SCHOK”