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Virtual Customer Service Associate

(Current Employee) – – November 18, 2020

Lack of communication
Pay is good for an work from home position
I don’t like the fact that they will transfer you to different departments without giving a choice and my experience is that Amazon don’t care about your personal life, your life needs to be based around Amazon and if you are a person that is ok with last minute changes to where it will alter your life, than Amazon is great place for you. I started off in retail with hours I did not like 1pm-10pm cst. Requested several times to have hours changed was denied every time. When I finally got use to the hours and arranged my personal life to balance with work. I was changed to a different department, my hours went later 5pm-2am cst and also changed my off days. This is what I mean that they will alter your life based around Amazon and not care about the employees personal life. My opinion when companies like this get sooo big, the main concern is the business needs but they forget about the needs of the employees that work for them that help make the business grow. Companies like this that make drastic changes like that don’t realize how this may have an effect on the employees personal life. I felt that I should have had a choice if I wanted to change departments. So once again if your ok with that, than Amazon is good place to work. If not then way out your options. Schedule flexibility is not an option with Amazon unless your a driver.

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