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A growing mailing list is the cornerstone of a successful online business, and affiliate marketing is a very popular way to monetize your mailing list.

Depending on how you position your affiliate promotions, they can be highly effective or a total flop. Check out today’s video and the article below to learn four proven affiliate promotion strategies and view the related affiliate landing page templates.


The templates shown in the video are all available in the latest version of Thrive Architect (formerly Thrive Landing Page). 

The Review Landing Page

The review landing page looks more like a standard review article than a promotional page. However, it’s geared towards conversion with clever elements and a distraction-free layout to help you get more clicks.

Review landing page template for affiliate marketing

Review landing page template for affiliate marketing

The review landing page comes with the following conversion-focused elements:

  • Title: you can never go wrong with a big headline that gives the reader an instant overview about your page.

  • Social sharing buttons: these help readers spread your content across different social platforms.

  • First visual element: a visual highlight of what this landing page is about.

  • A review summary box with product rating and a button to purchase: it’s a smart idea to include a summary box at the beginning of your affiliate landing page. Some readers read your whole article, but others just skim through it, looking for the most important information. A summary box enables them to get an instant overview of the product.

  • Text layout of the template: in the body section of this template you find subheadings, images in a different alignments, and highlights. It gives you some inspiration of how to put together an article to make it visually appealing and easy to read. You can mix and match every element by using the Thrive Architect drag and drop visual editor. However, keep in mind that having at least one visual element on the screen as the reader scrolls through your article improves readability.

  • Conclusion box: this is where you conclude your review and add your final words and opinion. This section includes a larger product rating element.Next to it, you can find a pros and cons list. Even if your main purpose is to promote a product and get the most conversions, it is still a good idea to mention some negative points as well. This will give you more credibility. The best strategy is to list a lot of strong positive points and just a couple of minor negative ones.

  • Promotion box: this landing page finishes strong with a promotion box that clearly highlights the benefits of your promoted product. Furthermore, a large product rating element and a buy button encourages people to click.

The Review Comparison Page or Product Review Roundup

You can use this type of affiliate landing page when you compare multiple products. The layout and design are quite similar to the previous Review Landing Page example.

Why create a product review roundup? It’s a way to provide real value to your readers. In the last stage of the buying process, people have usually reviewed a number of products. Now they have to decide which one to pick among all the options. With this template, you can help them through the decision-making process by providing a review comparison.

The review comparison landing page template

The review comparison landing page template

We created this template to help you write the most appealing roundup review. After the introductory paragraph, you’ll find a content pattern that repeats. You can copy this as many times as you need. It consists of:

  • A product box that summarizes the product and represents it with an image

  • A list of pros followed by a list of cons

  • A star product rating

  • A button linking to the affiliate product.

A product box comes at the end of the template, which enables you to present a clear recommendation. This is the key element of the template. After introducing all the products, you need to highlight the “winner” that has it all. Otherwise, readers might get overwhelmed after reading all the detailed information, still not knowing which one to pick.

The Review Resources Page

If you are an expert in a specific field and you have authority in your niche, your readers are surely interested in the tools and products that contribute to your success. No matter your area of expertise, it’s easy to put together a resources landing page like this.

Whether you review products, software, or websites, this template does it all. 

Review resources affiliate landing page

Review resources affiliate landing page

Following the title and the introductory paragraph, you’ll find a content pattern that repeats:

  • A product image

  • A product name

  • A short paragraph that describes the product.

Depending on how long you want your resource page to be, you can simply duplicate or delete the elements in the template. Then you can use affiliate links to link through to the products.

The Review Video Recommendation Page

If you want to promote a single product as an affiliate, it’s a good strategy to send people to your landing page first and link through to the product from there. This affiliate promotion strategy is a very effective way to get people to buy.

After all, your subscribers are already familiar with you and trust your opinion. If you first talk to them about the benefits of a product instead of sharing a generic sales page, you have a better chance to win their purchase.

Review video recommendation affiliate landing page template

Review video recommendation affiliate landing page template

The following conversion-focused elements will help you convince your audience why to buy:

  • Large headline: explains the main benefit of the product and why visitors should watch your video

  • The video: you can briefly talk about why you are making your recommendation. Consider using case studies to show readers a real-life benefit, and explain how you personally benefited from using that particular item.

  • A list of benefits to sum up your review: this is for readers who just skim through your content. Tie these points to real-world examples to make it more effective.

  • Promo box: summarizes why you recommend the product.

Bonus Course

We’ve created a bonus course that you can unlock right here. It explains the 4 affiliate marketing strategies these templates were made for, as well as exactly why they work and what to do to make them work best.

To get instant access to the course, create a free Thrive University account below or click here if you already have your account set up.

Pro Tip

If you want to boost the affiliate marketing results of your website even more, check out our pre-formatted mobile responsive table templates, too.

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Which is the best affiliate landing page for your website?

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and the affiliate landing page templates that go with it!

In the video, I mentioned an example of how I use the “Resources” type template in my own business, as an opt-in incentive. The template we’ve added in Thrive Architect (formerly Thrive Landing Pages) is based on this a/b tested and conversion optimized Resources page.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback regarding the affiliate strategies and landing pages explained in this article, please leave a comment below.




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