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Original review: Sept. 23, 2020

I rarely give bad reviews but my experience has not been so good dealing with LG. On 2016 I purchased a gas double oven range for $1,600.00 and also purchased a 5 year warranty with it. Well a few weeks ago my stove top kept shutting off on its own while I am using it and would make a sound as if it was about to explode to the point it shook my oven twice in the process while I was standing in front of it. It scared me, I called the Home Depot protection plan and explained to them what was happening. I filed a claim on August 6, 2020. They sent me an email stating that my service appointment has been accepted, I received a text on August 14, 2020 stating that the technician will be there between 9am/4:pm.

The day that they were supposed to come we get a call from the company that was supposed to come out to fix it that they are not coming because they do not service our area and that I need to call the Home Depot protection plan back. I called them the same day and told them what I was told and they told me they would look into it and let me know once they find someone that can service my area. When they didn’t call me I decided to call, Almost two weeks went by nothing so I called again and they had the nerve to tell me that it’s showing that I canceled the job, which was a lie. I was not happy but I kept my cool and they finally found someone to service my area and told me that they would be there on August 25th, 2020 between 9am/5:pm.

Once the technician arrived he looked at it and told me he had to order the part and I will get a call when they will come to replace the part. Two or three days after the technician came both of my oven stopped working so I called them and told them that and asked them if they were going to send someone out to look at it since it is a different issue, they told me no and that the parts that the technician is going to replace should fix the problem. Mind you they didn’t even know what the issue was, anyway On September 11, 2020 the technician came to replace the part, I told him, “Well the oven is not working and I was told that the part you are about to replace should fix that issue.”

He replied, “I am not quite sure if it will because I don’t know what the issue is but I will take a look at it after I install this part.” Guess what? It did not fix the oven part of it so now he had to order another part. On September 18,2020 the technician came to replace the part for the oven, once he replaced it the oven was still not working, the technician told me the oven cannot be fix and that there is no parts to replace that he will go to his truck, call the office and let them know that so they can move on to the next step and he will let me know what they said. I waited inside my house and the technician never came back in. I noticed he left without letting me know what was said.

I immediately called the company and they told me they will submit the report to home depot protection plan and let them know. I decided right after I got off the phone with them to call me Home Depot protection plan and let them know what I was told and they told me, “Ok we will wait for them to submit it” and it should take 24 to 72 hours for them to make a decision and get back to me. On September 22, 2020 I called Home Depot protection plan to find out the status. I explained the situation and I was transferred to a supervisor and I waited an hour on the phone before I finally reached a supervisor. I also explained the situation and he told me he would contact LG to escalate this for a buy out review and told me to look out for an email tomorrow.

About two hours later I get a call telling us that a technician will be coming on September 23rd, 2020 to fix the oven. I was confused so I called Home Depot protection plan again to ask them what was going on and why were they sending the same company to fix something that they already deemed could not be fixed, they transferred me to a supervisor again and I waited another hour for a supervisor to come on the phone. The supervisor tells me that there was never a report sent to them stating that they could not fix the oven and that LG is sending a technician out to service my oven.

It is going on almost two months going back and forth with Home Depot protection plan and LG and I am still with an oven that is not working and they have been bouncing me back and forth and I am been told something different every time I call. I operate a business from home that requires me to use my stove top and oven on the regular and not having a working oven has affected my business and my ability to cook for my 6 children and husband. This has been one of the worst experience, the range is only 4 years old. It was very expensive and it is a shame that it had gone bad in such a short time.

Home Depot protection plan and LG are the absolute worst to deal with. It is unfair and very unprofessional what they are doing because when I purchase the protection plan I was told if they could not fix the product after they attempt to fix the problem they would replace the product or provide me with the money that I purchased it for to get another one. Now they are playing game and going around the bushes. I am very disappointed, unsatisfied and frustrated with both Home Depot protection plan and LG.