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Okay, so you were searching about “Affiliate Marketing Philippines” that’s why you landed here on my website, or maybe I caught your attention and referred you to this page, that’s why you’re here.

Either way, let me know in the comments section how you got here.

Welcome to my website, and I promise I’m not going to waste your time today. In fact, affiliate marketing is the primary source of income on all of the websites that I owned.

I’ve been in your place where I did everything on my own. I researched how to affiliate marketing, explored affiliate marketing programs and the like, learned, and got good at it until I was able to make a living out of it.

But I’m telling you it’s not that easy and it cost me a lot of time and effort and led me to a lot of trials and errors. The main thing here is I want to help aspiring online entrepreneurs like you to be efficient and effective and at least jump-start where you are and especially save you time and money and get you some learnings based on my experiences.

What I’m going to do here is I will share with you everything that I know about the industry, and how you can do it too. Same thing to the whole process but easier on your part because you get to avoid my mistakes.

I’ll also show you some proofs of how great affiliate marketing is (video below) so just stay with me and let’s dive into this whole thing.

I assumed you already have an idea and knowledge about affiliate marketing, right? It’s one of the most popular ways to make passive income online and there are tons of videos available on YouTube that you might have bumped into before you even got here.

It might be you’re just wondering how you can do it here in the Philippines, so… I’m not going to explain the basics of how affiliate marketing works.

But just in case you really don’t know anything about it yet, here’s a quick explanation of affiliate marketing and how you can make money from it.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people’s (or company’s) products/services and earn a commission every time you refer a paid customer to an affiliate offer using your unique affiliate link. Its a type of performance-based marketing which means no sale, no commissions.

affiliate marketing philippines

Affiliate Marketing Philippines

Affiliate marketing in the Philippines is one of the best ways to earn money online passively or using the power of the internet. It takes time to build an affiliate marketing business especially for beginners, but ones you have built it up, you can earn money even while in your sleep, earn passive income.

How I Got Into Affiliate Marketing…

Just like you, it all started with a short question “how to make money online?”…

I have been through a lot of ways on how to make money online after I came to this question. It’s because the internet will offer you tons of options to choose from, so if there is no one to guide you, like what happened to me, you might have to go through a lot of trials and errors.

I have even tried Dropshipping (US market). PayPal freezes my money, I shut down my website having 12 customers that I wasn’t able to have their items delivered, and I have their money on my freeze PayPal account.

It’s just this year (2020) that I decided to try again to do online business. I decided to ride on the growing internet industry here in the Philippines, and no more international marketing trial and errors.

After all the experiences and studies that I have been through, I realize that affiliate marketing is actually on the top list as one of the best ways to do business and earn money online.

And that’s why I decided to just focus on affiliate marketing and learn every skill that I need to succeed. And of course, I launched this website you are in, to share my journey and help people like you.

I have lots of stories to tell but of course, this is not about me but about you trying to do affiliate marketing here in the Philippines, so let’s go for it.

The Best Thing About Affiliate Marketing…

There are lots of beautiful online business models out there. There’s eCommerce, (running your own online store or selling on Lazada or Shopee). You can also teach online or offer your services. It just really matters to the type of skill you have for you to succeed.

In the U.S, a large number of people are starting their own businesses online with affiliate marketing and leaving the corporate world. In most cases, many independent entrepreneurs are joining affiliate marketing on Amazon.

For some others, they still seek other companies with affiliate marketing for added extra income. They use Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, their websites, and other platforms to promote their affiliate links online. Some use all, and some focus on just 1-2 platforms and keep their game up to date.

So here are the list of things that I love and why you should also consider starting an affiliate marketing business:

The Starting Capital Amount

It’s not going to cost you any amount of money as a starting capital to get you started with affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs are all free to join, and then you can maybe start a YouTube channel where you can create videos about product offers, or you can also start Facebook page (with search targeted page title) and start posting affiliate products and make money.

Not unless if you already learned some advanced skills, like you want to start a website (like me) and do search engine optimization (SEO). You need a starting capital, but still very minimal (₱1000.00 – ₱5,000.00) compared to other business models out there.

Earn Money Passively

Unlike other business models (like eCommerce) you don’t need to do all the jobs that can cause you headaches. Jobs like managing your own inventories, doing customer service, handling product returns, and many other stressful jobs.

If you want to make money passively, affiliate marketing is the best option. All you have to really master is the skill of marketing, driving traffic, and converting them as customers to the offers you promote.

how to start affiliate marketing in the philippines

Here Are The Steps On How To Start Affiliate Marketing In The Philippines

Affiliate marketing is not the same as other businesses that still need to prepare lots of things before you can even get started. And hey, affiliate marketing for beginners is not impossible, I was once a beginner and today I’m driving hundreds to thousands of traffic on my websites.

Affiliate marketing is just as easy as cooking fried eggs. If you really want to start it the right way (as I call it) here are the steps the I have crafted and arranged for you guys.

1. Learn The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great business model, and every beautiful thing needs some effort that you need to do to get it (universal law). Just start with the basics and then along the way as you do it in the real realm of the affiliate marketing world, you will learn the advanced stuff eventually.

The good thing about learning marketing skills (which the main skills that you need with affiliate marketing) is that there are lots of free tutorials about it, from blog posts to YouTube videos. Even in my YouTube Channel [ Subscribe Here ] I have content about it.

2. Choosing A Profitable Niche

A niche simply means a specific target market where you can build an audience around and send them to your affiliate promotions. If you want a long term business where you can put all your best in doing it, you should always consider the things that you are passionate about.

And that is choosing the right niche for affiliate marketing. Let’s just say you are a dog lover specifically of “Siberian husky”. Then it’ll be easier for you to create content about it because you are passionate about your topic.

Then take the step by blogging about it. Start with Facebook/Instagram page, or YouTube channel as a medium platform where you can build an audience or a potential market.

It’s important that you choose a specific niche that is a profitable one because the internet is so crowded with all the different information.

Moving on, if some point you manage to build yourself as an authority over that topic and much better if you become an expert about it or at least make yourself look like an expert to them, eventually you might dominate that specific market and you will end up creating your brand having your own business and not just promoting affiliate products.

3. Finding Affiliate Products Or Services To Promote

After choosing your niche, (which in our example above, our target market is those who love “Siberian husky”), the next step is to find affiliate products to promote. It can be products like “dog food”, “dog training equipment” and other potential products you can use to promote to your target market.

Assuming that you know what affiliate products you’ll promote to your niche, the next step is to join affiliate programs where that particular product is available to promote it. I make helpful resources like the video below.

It is about the best affiliate marketplace in the Philippines that you can sign up and join. It is for Filipinos who want to do affiliate marketing whose target is specifically Filipino consumers as well, just scroll down.

Let’s just say you noticed that “dog food” is available on Shopee, then go ahead and sign up on Shopee’s affiliate program.

The system and affiliate marketing tools you need will be provided for you to be able to promote affiliate products, and it varies on which affiliate program you are going to sign up and join with.

The Best Affiliate Program In The Philippines To Join With…

There are lots of affiliate marketplace out there to find good affiliate products and services to promote. You probably heard about Clickbank, JVzoo, CJ affiliate, WarriorPlus, Amazon Affiliate program, and many other popular affiliate marketplaces.

For me, personally, I even promoted the Shopify affiliate program, and some web hosting affiliate offers.

But for you, assumingly as a newbie that is just about to get started in the industry, I can suggest you some marketplace where you can join in and start promoting affiliate products, watch the video below:

Just -[ Click Here ]- To Open The Sign Up Page To Get Started…

Involve Asia (what I have shown in the video above) is just one of the marketplace you can find affiliate products you can promote here in the Philippines. Along the way, when you learn and have enough skills, you can join any affiliate programs not just here in the Philippines.

If you have any questions about the information I have shown in the video above, just comment down below in the comment box section.

How To Promote Affiliate Products

Driving traffic to your affiliate offers you are promoting and leading it into sales is what matters the most. It is where the real deal happens because, with affiliate marketing, no sales equals no income.

You will only get paid to the sales you have generated (Referring to most questions I receive) eg. “Yhong… ang dami ko nang clicks but wala akung income”

There are different affiliate marketing ideas and ways on how to promote affiliate products, for example, is Email Marketing, Social Media Campaigns, Blogging (search engine optimization), and many other popular ways. And yes, there are lots of free tutorials on the internet about all of those.

But, I’m going to share with you “only” the ways that I personally do and the ways I know how to do, it’s the list below…

1. Promoting Affiliate Products Through Blogging…

affiliate marketing + Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to promote affiliate offers, especially here in the Philippines (it’s not that crowded yet). I’m going to explain in the next couple of paragraphs why blogging is on the top of my list.

By the way, just to let you know… If you want to start your own affiliate marketing website/blog and you don’t know how I have a FREE complete step by step tutorial on how to build a website/blog from scratch. Just [ Click Here ]  to step right onto that free tutorial.

This is how promoting affiliate products through blogging works, (scenario) let’s just say someone is searching on Google about “the best smartphone for vlogging” which is actually a very popular search phrase.

And then you have a blog where you create content about it, and then the person lands on your blog. Together with your affiliate links properly set up, once that person clicks your affiliate link and buy any of the smartphones on your list, boom you make money, it’s that easy.

The best thing about blogging is you just need to set up your article or your content once, and maybe update once in a while if you have more information to add in it or you want to make some changes because upgrading your content makes it more valuable.

Making your content up to date gives you higher chances of maintaining and even ranking it higher on search engines than making a bunch of content that is just related to it.

But you still need to create new ones and fresh topics for more landing pages that will keep visitors to stay on your website, because we don’t want to lose them that easily after just a few clicks.

Affiliate marketing through blogging is where the thing they call “earning money online passively” happens.

That even in your sleep if someone visited your website you are still able to earn money. Yes, it’s true that you need some advanced skills for you to do blogging, but everything can be learned.

All it just takes is the willingness to learn and the reason why you have to. “..para kanino ka bumabangon..” sabi nga ng Nestle.

Here are some of the most important affiliate strategies and skills that you need to know if you want to start blogging…

The good thing about learning new skills nowadays is that there’s a lot of online courses about learning new skills available for free. And yes, all the skills that you need to start a blog are just out there and is just a few clicks away.

Here are the skills that you need to learn if you want to start blogging:

  1. You need to know how to create and manage a blog – and yeah just like what I have mentioned above I created a free tutorial about it and just -[ Click Here ]- to dive into that page where the step by step video tutorial
  2. You need to learn SEO (search engine optimization) – it’s a technical skill that will make your website content and blog post pop on search results (like from Google search). There’s a bunch of free tutorials available on YouTube about it.
  3. Content writing skills – Yes, writing articles. Not necessarily you should be a good writer, but you really have to write or hire someone to have it done for you.

I personally struggle with this skill (writing) because I’m not a good writer, I have not even finished my college education where most case employers/people based on it, to hire you or to consider you as a good writer or just judge you based on their first impression. (Based on actual real events)

But what I did is, I used a tool like Grammarly that correct’s my phrases every time I make grammatical errors, and that’s the secret of how I craft articles like this here, (if there’s a will, there always a way)…

Before I forget, affiliate marketing is just one of the ways on how to earn money through blogging. You can also make money from advertising, sponsorship, selling your own digital products, and even offer services. So just -[ Click Here ]- and build your blog today.

2. Promote Affiliate Offers Through Creating YouTube Videos

Paano Gumawa Ng YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google. And the way of how promoting affiliate products through YouTube video is the same process as blogging, just a video version.

For example, on my YouTube video “how to create an online store using Shopify”, it is where I showed a step by step tutorial on how to build a Shopify store.

And then I’ll tell my viewers to go click on the link on my video description if they want to sign up. And if ever they sign up… Shopify will give me rewards for referring new customers to their platform.

The most popular content on YouTube if you want to promote affiliate products, is through creating product reviews. If you still don’t have a YouTube channel, I also have a free tutorial -[ Just Click Here ]- if you want to have one.

So you got two options here, you could either write articles/content or create YouTube videos…

3. Promoting Affiliate Products Through Social Media Pages

affiliate marketing

Another way of how I promote affiliate offers (that you can also try) is through social media pages. I have a Facebook page where I have my page title as a targeted search phrase on Facebook, for a particular product.

And I have generated organic sales (meaning no paid ads) by just having my page on the top of search results if someone searches about that particular product I’m promoting on Facebook.

Another thing is, you might also have massive social media followers on social media like TikTok or Instagram where you can create videos about anything. You can also try to do it from there.

Let’s say for example… you will buy beauty products from Shopee, and create a video about it (it could be through live streaming and have your affiliate link on your profile, but above all that, you first need to be an approved affiliate marketer of Shopee (in our example) before you can do that.

And that’s the three ways you can try (as a newbie) on how to promote affiliate offers and have success with affiliate marketing. Along the way, as you learn more skills, you can also try running advertisements (like Google Ads) and use software like Clickfunnels to build your landing pages.

️Some Cautions Before We End…

Just like any other businesses out there, results are not guaranteed a success because it will always matter on how you use your skills and how you work hard and do it properly, so make sure to do some research and studies before jumping in.

Also, it takes time to build an online business, not unless if you have enough amount of money to boost your business and get results quickly. But if you don’t, make sure to have another source of income before you realize that you no longer have food to eat. 

That’s all I have for you guys for now. In case I missed something that I should have not on this blog post, and you have questions… just leave it down the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Also, a quick shoutout to Alex Gimena, a friend who helps me crafting this blog post right here.

In addition, I am giving away updates and I’ll be also sharing with you guys some skills on YouTube. If you’re interested, might as well subscribe to my YouTube channel by simply Clicking Here. You can send me your questions through DM’s on Instagram: @yhonglacson or email:

Thank you so much, Mabuhay!!! and stay safe…

affiliate marketing philippines