Some tips about retrieving OBD Trouble Codes of Ford Contour

Some tips about retrieving OBD Trouble Codes of Ford Contour

Since 1996, All Ford Contours must be equipped
with OBD 2 system. This means you can insert a OBD 2 code reader or scanning
tool into the diagnostic link connector (which short for DLC) and read the
diagnostic trouble code (which short for DTC), DTC has tripped the malfunction
indicator light (which short for MIL) which also known as the check engine
light. Most of code readers or scanners are affordable and you can diagnose the
problem yourself by inserting one into your Ford Contour and comparing the codes
and translation to the chart supplied with the code reader or searches online.

You’ll Need Portable code reader, OBD 2 DTC
chart, Pen and paper.

Firstly, Locate the DLC on the Ford
Contour. The location may have little deference relying on the year, but most
always it will be under the driver’s side dashboard near the steering wheel. It
is trapezoid shaped and you can base on the plug on the end of the code reader
since that has to insert into it.

Secondly, insert the OBD 2 scanner into the
DLC and turn the ignition key to the “key-on/engine-off” position.
This is two clicks clockwise so that all powered options are operable without
launching the engine.

Follow the onscreen menu of the scanner.
The battery of the Contour will power up the scanner once inserted in. You
won’t have to turn on a power button. There may be several options on the
onscreen menu relying on what kind you’re using, but generally will have an
“enter” button and an up and down scrolling button.

Scroll the down arrow until the cursor on
the screen of the scanner displays “read codes.” Press the button.
After a few seconds it may display the codes or tell you how many codes were
found or pending. Follow the onscreen instructions of the scanner and choose
the enter button to read all the trouble codes containing pending codes.

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