Reiki Music: emotional & physical healing music, Healing reiki music, healing meditation music 33011

Reiki Music: emotional & physical healing music, Healing reiki music, healing meditation music 33011

Reiki Music: emotional & physical healing music, Healing reiki music, healing meditation music 33011

Reiki music for emotional & physical healing. A meditative peaceful track ideal for Reiki sessions, meditation and relaxation.

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There are various forms of reiki out of which karuna reiki is said to be a form of Usui Reiki.  The reiki has become one of the most popular and effective techniques of healing diseases. What is more amazing is the fact that it does not have any side effect and the person can be cured free of cost. The healing power behind this system is believed to be the love of God which has certainly transformed many lives. Therefore, this is the major reason as why people were drawn towards it and decided to pursue it.  Yes, initially people were a little sceptical about it but as they became aware regarding its numerous benefits, they started practicing it and reading about it.It is difficult to summarize the karuna reiki benefits into a few sentences. As you can understand from the term itself karuna is a Sanskrit or Hindi word which means compassion. Therefore you a person is specifically practicing this form of reiki, it is important that his mind and soul is full of kindness and empathy for the person being cured. The healing manifests purely in the form of unconditional love. As the person becomes more experienced, he would notice that there are changes of vibrations taking place and that he has become more infused with light. Reiki is a kind of touch therapy where vibration energies play a very important role. It is believed that human beings are still not infused to full light of the Universe and reiki is a medium to open up to the energies.When you are learning karuna reiki you need to be very serious about it even if it is not for professional purpose. The energies involved with this kind of reiki go very deep in a gentle manner but rapidly. The vibrations become very quick. According to a person who is receiving the karuna reiki healings for the first time feels that he has risen out of his body and taken into the world of symbols. He would have wonderful experience and from the positive thoughts would start coming into his mind from the first session itself.  In short he would get a deep physical as well as emotional healing. Thus it can be undoubtedly said that karuna reiki is as transformational for the person as Usui reiki. It has become a part and parcel of the life for some people.Karuna reiki is simply multi dimensional. It makes you physically, mentally and emotionally stronger. It energizes the body and the person does the entire task to the best of his ability. It helps in channelizing the energy properly and also improves the intellect of the person. Karuna reiki will transport you to place which is beyond any form, colour, time and sound. It is the purest sense of peace and calmness as well as complete love. When you are practicing it you have to rise all above the factors such as caste, creed, religion and community. You get karuna reiki benefits to maximum when you completely utilize its principals.

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The author of this article is a reiki master who has been practicing both the karuna and the Usui reiki. He therefore has shared the knowledge about karuna reiki benefits with the readers.

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