Sapphires and Rubies

Sapphires and Rubies Katherine Dunnell, ROM Mineralogy Technician, provides an overview of sapphires, and explains the allure of rubies. Do you have antique jewelry? Estate jewelry buyers look for these antiques. Estate Jewelers collect sapphire, rubies, and diamonds. If you want to buy antique jewelry, you can buy from them or auctions. Buyers are also […]

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Thai Amulet – a Documentary

Thai Amulet – a Documentary Amulet Collection, Trading, & Worship – a Documentary that delves into the surface of various ponds (areas of interest) in relation to Thai Buddhist Amulets. See more about Thai Amulets on http://thailand=amulets.net Thailand-Amulets — Sacred amulets from Thailand for Health, Wealth, Luck Love and Happiness — Thai Amulets, Buddhist Amulet […]

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Featured Article: Tips And Techniques Web Site Viral Marketing, How To Do It Successfully!

Inaddition to search engines marketing,email marketing,offline and online marketing, another very good but essential way marketing your web sites is the Viral marketing systems,I recommend viral marketing to webmasters,website owners,publishers,online marketers in general. The technique is to look for a winner,join it,it may take a little bit of time for it to start working,but the […]

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