How hypnotherapy can help change your life

How hypnotherapy can help change your life

How hypnotherapy can help change your life

As the client focuses on the longest finger of her left hand, held away from her face, hypnotherapist Sonia Samtani softly repeats the words: “You can feel your fingers pulling and separating, pulling and separating apart.” The mantra continues, until the client’s fingers start to spread.

The nail biting is the medical term that is used to show that some people bite their nails. This habit is especially common during childhood and adolescence, but it might be found in all age groups. Because it is a psychological habit, it can be treated with hypnosis London, as a part of the hypnotherapy London.

There are two types of nail biting, mild or severe and they are depending on the intensity of damage caused to the nails, fingers and teeth.

The slight nail biting is the biting of the nails only. The medium Nail biting is characterized by severe bleeding, wounds and infections. The severe Nail biting is closer to self-mutilation; it is compulsive and can lead to serious problems because to the repeated infections. The treatment with hypnotherapy London can solve this matter through hypnosis London.

The nail biting is often associated with some other repetitive behavior such as trichotillomania (hair pulling, eyelashes or eyebrows), or certain mannerisms. It is an unconscious behavior and it often starts in childhood, sometimes in imitation of an adult, and tends to stop spontaneously. When it persists into adulthood, it may be desirable to undergo hypnotherapy London.

The Nail biting is a behavior that is also found in animals, especially dogs, showing a state of anxiety. It would thus be an instinctive behavior intended to fight against anxiety.

The Therapeutic Hypnotherapy London Model

The unconscious processes is probably related to a state of chronic anxiety underlying and poor self-image, the lack confidence in them generating negative emotions, and putting the person in a bad state before the change through hypnosis London actually takes place.

The process is unconscious; the person is not able to act directly on it. It will therefore implement the behavior of indirect reduction of the negative state. Among all possible behaviors, the person will unconsciously choose to nail biting, since this behavior it is also found in dogs and it is probably instinctive. Seeing another family member have such a behavior is probably also a factor that influences the choice of nail biting. This is a thing that needs to be revealed during hypnotherapy London.

The mechanism that produces anxiety reduction is not known. This could be a form of self-control of aggressiveness, as suggested by some studies. The unconscious processes that can produce an internal conflict between some aggressive and some emotional example. The fact of nail biting is regarded by hypnosis London as a measure intended to reduce the intensity of aggression, and thereby it can reduce the intensity of conflict and emotions generated.
Treatment with hypnotherapy London will allow the unconscious processes of expression and then to find ways to resolve conflicts or terminate the process. This work can be done in a symbolic language, as in dreams, or in very explicit hypnosis London, depending on what determines the unconscious.

At the same time, the techniques of hypnosis London can increase confidence, improve the self-esteem, will reduce the impact of negative emotions and it will authorize changes.

Finally, the hypnotherapy London is used to stop the habit, the reflex actionsFree Articles, or sometimes to replace by other habits with no adverse consequences for the individual.

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