Furniture Styles – A Middle Path

Furniture Styles – A Middle Path


It so happened one day that my spouse and I were taking  a trip to the
furniture store, disagreeing as usual about what kind of furniture to
get and not coming to any solution. We have always had our little
stylistic disagreements in the past, and so when the time came to
purchase new furniture, there was certain to be some more discussion.

To explain things a bit, we have both had our different styles, for as
long as we’ve known each other. I have always been more interested in
things having a history behind them. Whether that relates to movies,
food, travel, or simply to buying new furniture, I have always liked
anything which brings the past into the present and gives things a feel
of permanence. 

On the other hand, my spouse has almost the complete opposite stylistic
inclinations. The food must always be different and new, the places we
go to the next hot spot and the movies alternative and very trendy. The
same thing of course applied to furniture—so you can imagine how things
started out.

We were then arguing about what to buy for the bedroom. My spouse of
course was more interested in getting something quite new, and pointed
out in a magazine this contemporary platform bed, so low to the ground that you’d feel like you were sleeping on the floor.

Instead, I turned the pages a bit to more traditional bedroom furniture,
a bed that you could easily get on and get off without the necessity of
kneeling, and something that you could actually see the floor beneath
it. The bed had some nice ornamentation on it, which made for a very
beautiful look, and by the way, a comfortable looking mattress.

The end result was that we continued to argue all the way to the
furniture store and then started to look at everything from sectional
sofas, to kitchen sets, until we finally got to the bedroom section. So
how do you think our day trip to the store ended?

We actually wanted a bed and a nightstand, which did complicate
matters, since we didn’t want two different styles in the same room,
which would make for a very odd look. In the end, the decision that we
did come to, was to go with something in between, and hence we went for
a more traditional but modern style for the bed and nightstand, and
since we had always wanted to get something else in the living room, we
went for a slightly more modern leather recliner. The result of our compromising was that the house now has a very interesting look. 

The point of the story is that even in a situation where you have two
people living in the same house with very different styles, you can
still come to a solution when it comes to furnishing things.  You just
need to learn how to compromise in the right way. What is really
interesting about this is that in the end you may just find that your
house looks much better than it normally would have with just a single
style. Because of our stylistic differences, my spouse and I have
definitely made for an interesting look.

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Platform beds are the in thing for people fond of modern bedroom furniture. They look classy and give the bedroom a very contemporary feel.

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