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“I will never buy another Samsung product again.

We did a kitchen remodel that included 4 new Samsung appliances. The microwave worked for nearly three months before it died. That was over 2 months ago and I’m still on the phone with the idiots at Samsung trying to get a refund because there are no repair shops near me. I’ve submitted the same forms and photos over and over and over again. There’s almost no communication from them. They’ll say, “We’ve got everything we need.” and then nothing for 2 weeks. So I’ll get curious and call them and then they tell me that they don’t have the forms or photos that I sent them 2 weeks back and a week prior to that! Their products suck. The refrigerator is a nightmare to take apart for cleaning. The glasstop range takes forever to heat up, but the double ovens are remarkably fast. The dishwasher requires double soap and the longest, hottest cycles to get the dishes clean even though we pretty much rinse them when we put them in.
When you try to register a new product online it’ll tell you that the model number doesn’t exist. I’M LOOKING AT THE **** MODEL NUMBER!!! I’ve spent countless hours on the phone trying to get this microwave thing taken care of. It’s as if the CEO declared, “We will provide the worst customer service possible. Now get out there and do every shitty, underhanded, incompetent thing you can to make that goal a reality!” Had I known how much trouble this would be, I would’ve just replaced the microwave on my own dime (not with a Samsung) and went on with my life, but with every call, I think “This will be the one that makes it happen.” But no…better luck next time.”

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