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SDR Real Scene Peak Brightness233 cd/m²SDR Peak 2% Window130 cd/m²SDR Peak 10% Window250 cd/m²SDR Peak 25% Window249 cd/m²SDR Peak 50% Window249 cd/m²SDR Peak 100% Window249 cd/m²SDR Sustained 2% Window128 cd/m²SDR Sustained 10% Window249 cd/m²SDR Sustained 25% Window249 cd/m²SDR Sustained 50% Window248 cd/m²SDR Sustained 100% Window248 cd/m²SDR ABL0.047

Disappointing SDR peak brightness. It’s better suited for a dark to moderately-lit room, as it doesn’t get bright enough to overcome glare in well-lit environments. The brightness is pretty consistent across different content, except for the 2% window, which is dimmer due to the TV’s CE dimming (frame dimming).

We measured the SDR peak brightness after calibration, using the ‘Movie’ mode. Brightness was set to max, Gamma was set to 2.2, and Contrast was left at its default value.