Month: March 2020

How Meditation Can Transform Your Life

The effects of a regular meditation practice reach far beyond the direct vicinity of your zafu. These are 8 benefits all meditation techniques have in common. There are countless meditation techniques out there, each with their own unique purpose, history and challenges. From Vipassana to yoga and from breathing controls to Orgasmic Meditation, the choice […]

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What is Reiki? | A Short Film

What is Reiki? | A Short Film I was inspired to create a film that answered the simple question, “What is Reiki?” So often I’ve tried to explain the subtleties of energy work but words never seem to completely describe the experience. However, seeing Reiki in action allows you to better visualize the depth of […]

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Tips to Diagnose OBD 2 system

OBD 2 is short for the second version of Onboard Diagnostic. When a car’s diagnostic system detects a problem, it will create an error code, which will trigger the Check Engine light comes on the dashboard. You can read these error codes with a scan tool that connects to a car’s diagnostic connector which usually […]

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