Ajarn Patana Black Magic Love Spells?


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Lim Des SG
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Re: Ajarn Patana Black Magic Love Spells?
Recently I have came across a website summongenie.com, (ajarn patana) can anyone tell me if their love spells and love amulets are effective?
Jessy SG
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Re: Ajarn Patana Black Magic Love Spells?
My friend is a follower of aj patana, she told me that he is  good and a master with great compassion.  This ajarn helped my friend with wealth advancements and it does seem to work for him. Was told that the luk kok gave him lottery numbers 😀 😀 😀 and he strike 2nd prize lottery.
Prashi SG
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Re: Ajarn Patana Black Magic Love Spells?
I believe aj patana items does work, I have some of his first batch items.
I have shown the items to other monks when I visit Thailand, their reply
was “powerful” and they said that it was made by master of very high spirituality.
And one of the monk even said that the person who made the amulets(referring to aj patana) as a master who is already practicing at level of Bodhisattva.
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Re: Ajarn Patana Black Magic Love Spells?
Ohhhh wow! I hope to meet him in person. Where is his temple?
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Re: Ajarn Patana Black Magic Love Spells?
Ajarn Patana don’t have a temple for himself. I was invited to see him once. He lives in a small old shrine. It was very rundown shrine, he does not allow anyone to renovate or decorate for  him.  I heard his assistants say that he won’t accept any amount of donations for himself. He is a very respected man. They are in Chiangmai, you can contact them to bring you there. His items really does have power. I can’t describe it in words, but I can feel it strongly.
JasonHo2 SG
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Re: Best Kumantong By Thailand Ajarns?
Ajarn Patana is number 1 in my heart. He saved my family.
NgS333 SG
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Re: Ajarn Patana Black Magic Love Spells?
Ajaan Patana’s love ritual love spells and wealth advancement magic can work really well.
I own many of his items, and all I can say is one of the best true magic I have experienced
in my many years of amulets collections, and “magic testings”.
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Re: Re: Ajarn Patana Black Magic Love Spells?
Some people are saying that he is scam in the forum when I did a research about him. Any input on this? I have also heard  many good things about him. I am confused.
TanBg SG
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Re: Ajarn Patana Black Magic Love Spells?
People who are negatively discussing about a true holy man will get their retributions.
These people just do not have a chance to own treasures because of their bad karma.
Those people who says that he is scam don’t even own his items, and only based on the
look of how their website was made. How shallow their minds? You should make your own judgement, I am also a follower of ajarn patana and also a follower of many other great gurus. I don’t follow blindly as many of the members here knows how I did my homework in seeking true masters.
Roan SG
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Re: Ajarn Patana Black Magic Love Spells?
He is a true master of black magic, my cousin is his follower too, and visits him every year.
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