Top 10 Information Technology jobs

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Web development:

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Getting started in Information technology is not easy, specially when you don’t know where to start. Here I have compiled a list of 10 paths that you can look for, in IT field. Look for these top 10 IT jobs that you might want to opt for



49 thoughts on “Top 10 Information Technology jobs

  1. sir make videos about all this topic plzz sir
    make video just like a how to become data scientist, mobile devlopers, cyber security, etc
    and course duration and how much salary earn per month
    sir plzzzzzzzz make one topic one video

  2. These presentations give a birds eye view of what are the trends in IT in terms of availability of Jobs, in terms of technologies and in terms of potential application. These presentations help the young professionals to turn the unstructured career information data sets into beautiful simple diagrams that tease out unseen or unknown patterns and contentions. These presentations also demonstrate the significance and utility of knowledge compression into a small place by the Visualization. Information design for addressing information technology in these presentations is unique and timely for creation of a compatible, comparable and coherent system .of education. ..Excellent .

  3. i am comp engg….but i dont want to do job in codeing becoz of week eyeside issues… suggest mi any kind of department where i work on my good communication skill and many more

  4. hi Hitesh, Really fruitful video. Could you please help me out with my career decision as m in a dilemma. Please let me know if i can write it down…my id is I'll be waiting for your reply.

  5. Please reply me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sir, i am a student of BSc. IT (Mobile Application & Information Security). So, after completing my degree what should i do & it's better for me ?..& how will i get jobs like google,facebook,TCS, etc. an others IT companies ?

  6. Hi Hitesh, thanks for the advice. Could you please guide me to take a career shift. Currently i am working(from past 6 years) as installation developer (Installshield and c#) and it is a boring (no creativity). I want to move to some creative workforce. please tell shall i go for web development(design and development) or mobile apps development. Please replay

  7. Tq sir for analysis u did. I have completed my Bachelor in Computer 2 years before and I want to resume now back in my field how to start, what can make my resume effective, plz reply sit

  8. Hi HITESH….. i wanna go into IT and i'm a novice in this field… what area in IT do you think i should start with and how difficult do you think it will be going into IT with no knowledge of it?

  9. सर पहली बार किसी यूटुबर की इंग्लिश अच्छी लगी जो क्लियर समझ मे आती है
    पर मेंरी एंगिलश इतनी अच्छी नही लेकिन काफी हद तक समझ जाता हूं
    कुछ वीडियोस हिंदी में भी बनाइये

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