Tickle Liposuction by Dr Pimple Popper: One of my favorite procedures to do!

Yes she can diet and exercise and perhaps that will help but it may not do the same. This is focused, specific fat removal and it truly is fantastic. It is NOT a weight loss option it is a body sculpting option. Just like people may use Botox or filler to make them feel better abt their face this is a way to feel better abt your body. The ideal patient is thin exercises and is in good shape. If you’re doing it for weight loss you’ll likely gain that weight back but on a different area of your body. Many don’t realize bc people keep these procedures secret, but it’s a common procedure amongst celebrities and athletes/personal trainers. You may think they look amazing bc they just have greater willpower but it’s bc they have outside “help” they don’t tell you about.

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38 thoughts on “Tickle Liposuction by Dr Pimple Popper: One of my favorite procedures to do!

  1. Honestly I could use a bit of this. I'm not fat, by any means, but I have tried and tried to eat healthy and exercise regularly, but the immense amount of stress in my life (and there's been a TON of it) just keeps me hanging onto the bit of excess fat I do have… It's really frustrating and disheartening.

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  3. This was amazing to watch. I've never heard of this particular procedure, but (of course) I have heard of liposuction. What an interesting procedure, and obviously the patient wasn't in too much discomfort since she was able to move and talk. Very cool.

  4. If you ever want to film another patient, even though I can't afford to have this procedure done, I'll volunteer. I have fibromyalgia and can only do so much exercising. I have approximately the same amount of fat as the young lady getting this done. I watch you all the time, MOHs since I've had numerous surgeries, cyst removal, black heads, momma squishy, etc are all great. I'm one of those that watches before going to sleep.

  5. Everyone saying she should diet and exercise. how is it any of your business and how does it affect you? She's doing it because grown women are allowed to make their own decisions and spend their money however they like. Certain people always wanting to be in everybody else's business but their own. Really pathetic.

  6. I insist on a reasonable diet + fitness to keep a good body.
    Of course, if you do not affect the health can not pursue these.
    If you care about your body then act on it.
    Of course, you can choose liposuction, but can not achieve the real shaping effect.
    If you do not change the eating habits, not to fitness, fat will still come back!
    You can not often do liposuction surgery!
    Weight loss, shape is not close to go, it is not revealed.
    Stop the mouth, take legs!
    Health and fitness of the body will always rely on sweat and perseverance!

  7. I've been very curious about this myself. I'm in the upper end of my military career, I exercise and eat well but I'm also hypothyroid so my weight just keeps creeping up on me. This may be the only recourse I have to help control my weight to keep me from being obese in the future. Thank you for a peek.

  8. I am for doing what makes you feel better. I am a normal weight and all of the exercise in the world will not give me thinner legs. Some of us are built differently and hurrah for the gutsy lady to do something to give herself a better body image. Do not judge. Some of us are genetically heavier in places that cannot be removed in any other way. Good job, Dr. Lee

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