40 thoughts on “Thank You for Your Service Official Trailer #1 (2017) Miles Teller, Haley Bennett Biography Movie HD

  1. Why are you making films of us Iraqis and go for yourselves to look like heroes who brings justice and freedom while everyone in Iraq knows what you did? YOU'RE TRULY THE VERY DEFINITION OF VAMPIRES …

  2. bunch of good boys sended to a FKN WAR what is not THEIR war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS GOVERnMENT WAR FOR FKN MONEY FOR FKN OIL.
    NOT FOR FREEDOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for becoming a murder for a corrupt government….
    If your one of those people that think, your country, religion, political party, or culture, needs to invade, bomb, and annihilate another country/culture into conforming to your ideals. Your The Fucking Terrorist…

  4. me thinks they left amy schumer out of the trailer due to her ratings kill. but aren't the ratings kind of bad anyway? never have i seen in my nearly 50 years on earth that the likes of amy schumer would CONSTANTLY be pushed so hard in this business as more folks dislike her work and ethics as an 'entertainer' and bonafide plagiarist. pretty crzzzy.

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