Shopping in a Micro Center for PC Components (Part 1)

– McLovin and I drove from Florida to shop at a Microcenter for the first time! What wonders await us inside? This should be fun. Let’s just avoid getting kicked out or asked to stop filming.

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‘Blue Flame’ by Mich
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37 thoughts on “Shopping in a Micro Center for PC Components (Part 1)

  1. I just had my first experience at a Micro Center in Flushing, New York. It was great, felt like a cross between CompUSA and Fry's Electronics, and really brought me back to the good old days of retail PC shopping. They even sold retro stuff like floppy drives and 9-pin serial cables – who would have thought you could buy those brand new at a store in 2017?! Awesome place, will be back.

  2. Would love to have those type of shops where I live.
    Even tho I would probably don't buy anything because used parts 4 life.
    But that would be a fun thing.

  3. There is 2 Computer shops in my entire county that sells pc parts and they only have about 2, 5 metre rows of cheap and old pc parts. So microcentre looks like heaven to me. If only they came to my town 🙁

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