How to fit a ceiling light UK- Ultimate Handyman DIY tips

How to fit a new light in place of a traditional ceiling rose. If you have any questions you will get a faster answer here
This video is in the UK and so is only suitable for people in the UK.

Changing a light fitting can look complicated to someone that is not experienced and so hopefully this will help people.

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25 thoughts on “How to fit a ceiling light UK- Ultimate Handyman DIY tips

  1. I've got a brick built shed in my garden and I need to get a lamp fitted to the ceiling joist, we have plug sockets in there that work and two exposed wires hanging down from the ceiling joists I've completely turned all the power off (I have a fuse box in my shed) but I have a feeling the wires are still live. I am carrying out this little repair myself What would you recommend to check that these wires are completely dead??

  2. Hi, this is a really helpful video. Quick question – if my light has two neutral wires should I group them together in a wago two-terminal connector or get one with three terminals? (Apologies if that doesn't make sense.) Cheers.

  3. Ok can u help me pls, I'm trying to fit led lamp upstairs but there are 6 wires + 1 earth. In my led I have only two wires N & L . The question is, how connect it correctly , I can switch on upstairs, off downstairs.
    Thank you very much

  4. Our light bulbs kept blowing quite regularly after we had our ceiling lights fitted a couple of years ago. After taking the light fitting down and exposing the wires, I noticed the screw hadn't made contact with the copper of the neutral cable, it was screwed in and touching the insulating jacket only. Could this be the cause of our bulbs blowing out constantly?

  5. can someone tell me if i have not got the wago connectors were i put the 3 loop in wires i have on my wiring as they will have no were to connect to to after connecting the ceiling wiring to the wiring block thats fitted to my light i want to put up. Thats the part i don't understand. Were do the loop in wires go?

  6. Is there any chance you could do a video on moving a light fitting. I have a light in my lounge and it's of centre and I want to move it so it's central but I'm not really sure how im supposed to cut the hole to extend the wire without accidentally cutting the wire and also know if there's a joist in the way or repair the hole once I've cut it.

  7. Was getting really frustrated until i saw this video. I popped around the corner to get these wago clips come home and voila it only took 5 mins i personally think that choc blocks should know officially be outlawed in the uk there stupid fiddly and dangerous. Thanks for this very informative video mate 10 stars go too you.

  8. I am confused. EVERY SINGLE light fitting I ever bought come with connectors to which I need to attach the wires (which can be tricky with two way lighting). What would connecting the connectors to wires achieve if the light fittings don't have wires which you can connect to these connectors?

  9. We've put up a new kitchen light thanks to your great video. I have a question though if you don't mind me asking. Our light fitting isn't sitting properly flush to the ceiling and being as it's in the kitchen I'm worried about having steam etc getting into the light wiring via the gap that's between the ceiling and the light fitting. The light fitting has been put up correctly but we have a gap. Just wondering if I can fill that gap with something to keep it steam proof maybe some mastic or something similar? Would this be safe to do? Many thanks.

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