How Much Does It Cost To Build A 1600 square foot home

I’ve been asked a few times what it really costs to build a home. When we started out on this journey, everyone said it would cost too much. So far, we have been able to build our shop house for less than $7 per sq ft. We still have a lot of other expenses but because we are doing it ourselves we know it will not cost that much more.
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  1. It's a joy to see someone build their own home; I do not have the ability to do it.  I have redone four houses – each of the ones we have owned.  A couple of suggestions:  You haven't framed/ put up gypsum board out your interior as I can see.  Spend the money to INSULATE YOUR INTERIOR WALLS.  Be prepared to be surprised; the house will be very quiet.  I just did the bathrooms because I renovated two bathrooms and built a handicapped accessible third.  FYI Kohler makes a three piece shower set that fits in the same space as a bathtub but there is only a 1 1/2" step in.  The base is a concrete/ fiberglass composition or something like that.  All I know is that the base is very heavy.  I put it in and tiled the walls – a mistake.  The fiberglass panel kit is a lot less money and MUCH easier to keep clean.  I put in the handicap rails at the same time – also useful to hang wet wash clothes.  The doors are 3/8" tempered glass frameless doors.  I also tiled the floor in that bathroom – another mistake.  In the other two full bathrooms I used the top of the line Mannington sheet vinyl which has and aluminum oxide coating on the top – not slippery at all and warm to the feet.  The new vinyl tiles are wonderful and if the original builder of this house had not put in hardwood, I would have opted for vinyl and bought some extra to repair if someone dropped a hot cast iron pot on it.  Why is this comment so long?  Well, someone who is building to the specs you have shared wants to live in that house for life.  So after fifteen towns, five states and two countries I have now in our "life home".  Two stories with straight staircases to both the basement and to the second floor.  If one of us loses the ability to climb stairs we just add stair climbers.  BTW look at Rocksol for your insulation; it is mineral and does not burn.

  2. That is an incredible price. Sweat equity really pays off. Great job. Agree the sheds are not good for housing. They are good for sheds, although I would even build my own shed for much less. Cannot wait to get to our land and finally begin. best of luck to you and your family!

  3. I can't believe how you scored on those floor joists! They look like from old growth timber. Love your approach to this project….lookin good!

    I remember framing 2 houses during the housing boom in 2005 where the entire lumber package was old growth out of Canada because of the shortage. Best framed houses I've ever seem…even if I did frame them myself. Just wish I could have gotten lumber like that for my own place. OSB got up to $20 per sheet then too! Hurricanes and fires to blame this time.

  4. I built my house. Its was 1000 times cheaper than hiring professionals. I made a lot of mistakes but I learnt a huge amount and whats more, its satisfying when you know you did it properly. Its very hard to find professionals who you can trust to do the job right, and if you're halfway capable, its just better to do it yourself, even if it takes longer.

    So what I am seeing here in this video is "building the right way". In the end it will have cost a fraction of what a construction firm would have charged.

  5. 😮 Jaw dropping!! At how well you've done on prices of materials! Nice work. I will say, you definitely have a knack for finding smoking hot deals. I could pay you a finders fee and still do better than I usually do!! Lol. House is looking great 👍

  6. You are a hard working man . I think you have a wonderful family too.Thanks for letting us watch your journey. Please be careful when working up there by yourself and never attempt to start a tractor without sitting on the seat. Sorry about that comment you probably already know that. I have an auger that would work on that tractor you could borrow or trade for the only problem is I live about a hundred miles east of the head waters of the Bear river. Keep up the great work.

  7. I have tried to explain to friends how much cheaper it would be to build your own VS pay a contractor to build. GREAT VIDEO. I had to share to FB.. Maybe you will get a couple extra views. 🙂

  8. Good work with the video's. There getting better an better in terms of editing and content.
    Love following your progress. Nice bit of info in this vid. 👍
    All the best, Ed, 🇬🇧

  9. $10,000? what about trusses, roof sheating, roofing, Sheetrock, Bathroom fixtures, plumbing materials, finish trim materials, flooring, Cabinets, Light fixtures, That cost is misleading, now the real costs start to kick in, Please to mislead individuals to think they are doing what you are doing for that price, you still have alot of $$$ to part with to have it move in ready, to code. Just saying.

  10. 😌 that's $10,000 for a sealed weather tight shell…
    Drywall, cabinets, inner doors , heating, kitchen and bathroom fixtures in addition to the $10,000?

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