Top 10 TIPS for GAME COLLECTING from Metal Jesus

I share 30+ years of game collecting SECRETS that will help YOU achieve your collecting goals. However these tips & tricks are not just for game collecting but they will be useful for other hobbies as well!

1 Network – Let People Know you are Collecting. Get on social media.
2 Be Knowledgeable – Learn to spot fakes!
3 Know how to Advance Search Online
4 Everybody going Right? Go LEFT!
5 Buy in Bulk – Sell off the Excess
6 Go to Expos – They can often be worth the flight & hotel
7 Buy in Parts – loose carts + manuals + boxes = CIB
8 Collect Imports when possible
9 Get to know store owners – They can be your allies
10 Be Patient have fun – You don’t have to be rich to build a collection


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20 thoughts on “Top 10 TIPS for GAME COLLECTING from Metal Jesus

  1. Why does anyone still collect games when we have Steam, PSN and Xbox store? Almost all old PC games can be emulated while the modern consoles all seem to have made a plan to accommodate their older gen games.

  2. Metal Jesus. You make great videos. I constantly use your videos as a reference when collecting. Thank you to you and all your friends for the help. Greatly appreciate it.

  3. I'm a collector, although I'm not looking for all of the games, it would be nice, but I'm only focusing on 5th generation-present.And the collecting has been rather slow…but progressing…but slow…and expensive at times…but so far I've collected over 300–350 PS3 games with over 100 360 games…and my goal is to get every game that was released physical in North America…mostly because imports would be too much time consuming to hunt for and expensive. I mean I have three imports that I did, one from Japan and two from Europe, but that cost a lot for me and I'm not familiar with importing games, but it is a dream of mine to do so. And of course I do intend to play these games…all of them…so it I don't care if it's opened or not, or if it has the manual or original case…hell I even opened up one of those Limited Run games that I got once. I didn't give a fuck. All I want is is to collect and play these games…But some of these tips are good and stuff I can use like going to an expo…I never been an expo before but it's something to look into. But some of the tips won't work for me, like networking. Yeah…that certainly won't work for me because I was an only child, my relatives are too poor to get games, my parents do not like the idea of me collecting games as they see it as a waste of time and money and overall see no value in it unlike me where I see value in it, and everyone else that I know are again…too poor to get games and are looking for games themselves, granted though not as a collector, but you get the idea…but thanks for the tips MetalJesusRocks…

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