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Buying games on eBay has changed recently, and many feel there aren’t any good deals left to be had. Learn some tips on how to buy cheap games on eBay and avoid overspending!

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34 thoughts on “How To Buy Cheap Games on eBay (2016) | RGT 85

  1. Guys read this comment this can save a lot money get a broken console and fix and u can customize if u don't how to do that look it up on YouTube if u find this helpful plz sub to me

  2. I just got a great deal on Ghostbusters and Splatterhouse 3 on Sega Genesis cart only. Lets just say i got both for what a loose Splatterhouse 3 usually goes for on its own. Also got a solid deal on Zombies Ate Your Neighbors on Genesis in the box. I waited years for these games and it payed off. All you gotta do is be patient. Also stick with a few guys on there that dont scalp ebay prices but more like vendor prices at a con and their stock updates throughout the year.

    Also i search out EU or Canadian listings for genesis games sometimes as the exchange is on par with my dollar and got games like Rocket Knight for almost nothing. I use Estarland and they are pretty decent for when i cant find a solid deal on ebay especially with some of these clowns who put like 20 to 30 dollar shipping because they are eggs when it only cost 5 dollars to ship a cart worldwide.

    I cant wait to move to UK as the pound just kinda wrecks the US dollar and i can really get cheaper Genesis games. For me there are no retro stores or flea markets or cons so i gotta play the online game. Its fun though and i pride myself on getting stuff for a deal. I been chipping away slowly at my Genesis collection since Christmas 2013 and am up to 46 games 18 boxed and the rest loose.

  3. You can still get lucky getting an expensive game cheap even at a local classic game store. Of course if you know your stuff. I have an example.
    -Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast for Xbox
    They must have confused it for Outrun 2 on Xbox and I got it for like $4. It's selling online around $70 + for the Xbox version. It may have been released in limited quantities. Not sure. The PS2 version is much cheaper but doesn't run as smooth or look as good.

  4. Dude fyi from a Brit, it's Manx (rhymes with thanks)TT because is a real race held on the Isle of Man in the British Isles. Manx means of the Isle of Man far as I know. Good buying tips anyway

  5. Ebay has a cyclical pattern and right now is the low time of year. This would explain your pichups you found on the cheap. Its not magic, right now is just the time for deals. Resellers gotta eat. From June till late August is the best time to shop ebay as its the dead opposite of the spending season. Spending has always been sluggish during these months and that sentiment translates into retro games. Prices naturally begin to depress. Me and a friend just saved all year and this is our Christmas. We've both spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 grand and have probably acquired 5x that much in value in the last month. Its never going to get any better. I just saw a Zombie Nation go for 280 with the manual and a Stack-Up go for 40 three hours ago. As in just now, tonight. Its raining deals right now. Thats insanity. The secret to game collecting going forward is to shop only in summer and avoid the spending season. There are other factors too for instance the market has put in a ceiling as games realize their true price. Prices can really only go down. Buyers are not going to continue to pay ever increasing prices ad infinitum. The game is up, and the market can only go sideways at best now, or more likely down. At which point we'll see where the market decides to puts in a bottom.

  6. The retro game market is difficult to get great deals on eBay for some great games, but it's the opposite for new games. I once got the Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag/Unity combo pack for Xbox One for only $30 just 2 months after Unity was released. I got the ultimate edition of Halo 5 (retail around $90) for only $60 2 weeks after release. I got Rise of the Tomb Raider for only $40 the week of release.

    For retro games, bundles can actually save you a ton of money. I got a Sega Saturn bundle with Panzer Dragoon Saga and a bunch of other games for $300. I sold most of the items for around $150. At the time, PDS was around $300 for a decent copy.

  7. don't get into a bid war until the VERY end of the sale. like last 5 minutes if that.

    that way you aren't bidding the price up on yourself by competition for say , 24 hours, rather than 5 minutes. where the price isn't ratcheting up so long.

  8. Managed to get Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past with the game, manual, map and book of secrets for $26 + $4 shipping a few months ago. Had the box from when I was 4 and bought it (didn't get rid of it somehow, lol), so it was basically like finishing a CIB of the game.

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