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In this video I talk about some of my tips on how to buy and sell used video games. I enjoy collecting vintage games for a variety of consoles and I’ve had my fair share of issues so today I give some good advice as to what you should look for when buying a used game cartridge or CD/DVD based game from eBay or even your local video game store. I also discuss some tips on how to get more money for your games by including as much of the original packaging and information as possible along with how to keep an eye on the quality and condition of the game you are buying or selling.


47 thoughts on “How to Buy and Sell Used Video Games

  1. wow I would be so pissed if that happened to me.I have never thought of the multipe picture thing! Did you buy that game @ 1:25 off of ebay or another site like that not knowing what the back looked like?my head is just swarming with all this new found knowledge..

  2. Hey Austin, I was actually looking for how to sell a video game that I have made online but I just find it neat that a video of yours came up on this subject because I have been a subscriber for a while and never seen a video like this.

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  5. Some SNES games were made in Japan {glossy HQ label on cart and Color cover on the manual} Some were made in Mexico {cheap paper label and BW cover on manual} Even the inks used on the Japanese boxes are better quality. I would never buy any Crap Mexican version unless I HAD to have it and it was never made in Japan.

  6. what really!? you want the case,manual and disc all in tact?!? and it makes it worth more than if the game was damaged and it didn't have a case and manual?? my head is just swarming with all this new found knowledge..

  7. Nobody would be stupid enough to list something like that on ebay without stating it's broken like that! There are more safeguards for the buyer, that allows anything undescribed correctly get a free refund… easily. As an ebay seller, buyers have lied and exploited me multiple times, so I am always extremely thorough with my listing, and would never pull some bullshit like listing something broken, nobody needs that fiasco, buyer or seller.

  8. The innefficiency of ebay bugs the crap out of me. It's ridiculous when the shipping cost exceeds the value of the actual item itself. I wish there was something like Craigslist that allowed more pictures, and allowed video conformation of the items being sold.

  9. What i usually do when considering prices is check the amazon prices online. If you can find your product on their you can get a rough estimate of the cash value of your product by comparing the prices of various sellers with products in a similar condition to your own.

  10. Another good tip is buy a quality disc cleaner/resurface machine. Just got one recently and now I dont have to worry about buying scratched games as long as the damage isnt to major. Now i love finding booths with stacks of scratched to hell ps2 games for $1 🙂 got Start Wars Battlefield 2, Mario Kart Double Dash, Silent hill 2,3 and The Room, and a copy of Luigi's Mansion for a buck a piece 🙂 all run perfectly after running them through my jfj easy pro machine :).

  11. nice video man do u know how to price range a game based on it's condition or it's popularity like lets say sonic the hedgehog 1 2 or 3 for the sega genesis msg me or so if u cud help me out with that

  12. I sell on ebay and trust me the packaging is everything if you want to get remotely close to any sort of real money for the value of a game, otherwise your going to end up giving it away on some low ballers bid.

  13. @duhmez Agreed. Factory seal is great IF you know what to look for with the seal (read up on how to determine if it's genuine) but it's a good way to get ripped off as well. Buy only sealed games only from brick & mortar stores (or from reputable sellers you're comfortable with), but in general, don't bother too much with them to start.

  14. Good starter video. Your Battleship is only missing the little plastic cover on the bottom (I think all SNES games came with those) but you can find those online to really help make it more "complete".

    Also for those starting out: avoid buying ANY disc based games that aren't in original case. Those things were meant to be storage and if it was separated from the game, it's safe to assume the owner may have stored the disc in an improper way. There was no reason to throw those away.

  15. @iphonefreek98 isn't it obvious? SNES =/ i got all happy a couple days ago when i dug out my old NES. Me and my father went insane on 2 player of one of the games…yep…good ol' times on the early generation of gaming systems

  16. How do you tell if the game it a bootleg game or not because I bought a gba game from ebay and I was so pissed when I found out it was a bootleg (the person had a 100% rating and it said he was from the uk but the package came from hong kong)

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