Crunch Fitness Review, Is Crunch a Good Gym?

What’s going on guys?! Today I review the gym Crunch Fitness and let you know my opinion of it. In my opinion I will be letting you know if Crunch Fitness is a good gym to join. For this review I visited 5 different locations so I have a good idea on how the gym operates. Enjoy! And please share and subscribe for more!


38 thoughts on “Crunch Fitness Review, Is Crunch a Good Gym?

  1. These guys rip off there own customers by changing the name of the club in the Bay area to City Sport Club  and requiring LA fitness members to pay a cover charge.   Its owned by the same people, has the same sh#t, yet they charge 5 dollars everyday. If i'm on vacation in the bay area and decide to workout one week is 35 dollars. Who would want to pay 30 dollars a month to use 3 clubs. They get charged more to use other gyms  in their own state.
         Fuck La fitness, they closed the gym in El Cajon. Now i have to drive 17 miles to National city or 18 miles to Kearny Mesa. They will not refund my money and i still have 7 months left on my contract. Apparently it says your're willing to drive 25 miles in the contract, so they can shut down your local gym anytime and your FUCKED!!!

  2. Crunch has been the best civilian gym I can find. Very advantageous for powerlifters. For only $10, there's 6 deadlift platforms, squat racks, and benches. Dumbbells up to 125. Only gym at this price I can find that let's you deadlift heavy weight, shoes off if you want, chalk, everything. They have belts and chain belts. Hydromassage if you pay a little more. Only problem is it gets pretty busy after 4pm on week days. I find myself waiting in line for one of those 6 racks if I go at that time.

  3. I go to the Crunch Fitness in Vista – CA. Great place and friendly staff. Another thing I like about the location of Crunch Vista is the fact it's next to Frazier Farms. No fast food joint within visual range. Just a great salad bar and deli for a healthy sandwich.

  4. I go to crunch. I love it. But I did temp move for a job and not all crunch gyms are the same. I found out there are corporate crunch and franchise crunch. I learned to stick to corporate crunch.

  5. Thanks for the review! I know this is old but how are the quality of the classes? I hated LA Fitness class. Flakier average instructors & classes ever. Maybe like 1-2 decent classes but it would be like 10 miles away. Tia.

  6. You will get what you pay for at crunch. Low prices for peak membership equals cheap and inexperienced instructors. Crunch is one of the only fitness center that hires uncertified gx instructors to teach classes that have no experience teaching. They only ask their instructors to watch a 30 minute video..pass a ridiculously test that they answer for you..and then call you qualified to teach that class to it's members. Like I get what you pay for.

  7. Compared to Workout Anytime franchise (they have machines where a spotter would normally be on a bench station), Crunch is not cluttered- at least the ones in Atlanta aren't.

  8. The new Crunch that was just built in my town has fixed the clutter problem that is very apparent in the other crunch gyms, all the equipment is lined up into lines and sectioned off according to category (cardio, weights, ect). Also, nice review man, I'm currently in 10th grade and I needed to find a gym to workout in in between wrestling seasons and the school gym wasn't cutting it, this review helped me in making my decision in choosing crunch, which is perfect for someone like me.

  9. Crunch in D.C. is the worst! The instructors are rude and disrespectful – they make fun of you if you cannot keep up. They do not want to cancel my membership and keep charging my card. I've been arguing with them for months. Stay away!

  10. how would you rate the squat racks and equipment for deadlifts? I'm considering switching from 24 hours. I love 24 hour fitness but I'm trying to save some money and see if I can go to a more affordable gym

  11. good review! can you comment on your opinion of the weight plates? heavier? lighter? than other competing gyms? to me, they felt heavier and then benches seemed narrower. thoughts? thanks.

  12. Questions regarding this gym:

    1. Do they let you use chalk?
    2. Is it crowded?
    3. Do they have any heavy bags by any chance?
    4. How much is it per month(burbank location)
    5. Do they let you do Deadlifts with heavy weight?
    5. How heavy do the dumbbells reach?

    if anyone can answer these questions I would appreciate that!

  13. I may try this gym out. 10 minute walk from my house. Trying to get back into bodybuilding. Stopping for a year and working I gain weight and loss some muscle. I don't mind starting over either.

  14. You forgot to review the most important piece of equipment. The SQUAT RACKS.
    The squat racks in the Medford MA crunch is poorly constructed 4 inch increments which means if your 5"11 like me you either have to do a toe raise or good morning to unrack the bar off the pins. This is unacceptable.
    It would be nice if they had a power rack with 2 inch increments but that would cost more money and are only found in real weight lifting gyms.
    The old school equipment was of higher quality back in the 80's. Life fitness, hoist, star track all take a back seat to Icarian Flex, bodymasters etc. It would be nice if the engineers who design the equipment actually did some serious training. They might design better equipment.

  15. actually some of these gyms now have daycares. one just opened down the road from my house. the place where they opened is pretty much the size of a martins so its HUGE! and the machines are pretty spaced out. so much so that they have 4 seperate rooms. 5 if you count the tanning station. a crossfit section with tons of crossfit gear, a powerlifting station with like 4 squat racks, leg presses, and deadlift stations. and the main floor where they keep the cardio machines, and most the workout machines. along with a series of bench presses. atleast 5 lined up next to each other. then they have the area that they hold the classes in. its actually a great gym for the price.

  16. Crunch was my first gym. I absolutely loved it. Great gym to start off at. At my home gym, the customer service was great. There was a good selection of machines, but I felt there could have been more. When I left Crunch, I was very sad and emotional. I would highly recommend this gym for any type of lifter. Definitely worth the price, and is a great gym for someone on a budget who would like a decent gym.

  17. Hey there. I'm really skeptical about this place. There is one opening where an old Bally's used to be right across the street from my house. Right now I drive 15 minutes to go to a gym I like very much and this lady that works out there at the same time I do in the morning told me about this place this morning. I was skeptical because it said "no judgments" now….does this place have that liberal mentality like planet fitness shit? Is it like planet fitness where they don't have high weight and they don't like you too "in shape" or else it's intimidating to other people and it's cheap and that pussification mentality? Please, please get back to me! I'm really looking at info on this gym because I'm thinking…

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