How Much Can I Make Working in I.T.? – I.T. Salary Questions

If you’ve wondered how much you can make working in information technology check out this video. Please keep in mind that this information only consists of my experiences and the information that I have used in the Chicago area.

If you are looking to see what salary ranges are for i.t. jobs this video can help you but please keep in mind that salaries will vary from location to location. This is only a GENERAL IDEA of what you could potentially earn.

I hope you find this video useful.

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35 thoughts on “How Much Can I Make Working in I.T.? – I.T. Salary Questions

  1. It varies even within company…I've seen admins who know nothing about IT make 55k and it analysts make 50k…I've also seen it analysts make 80k+ w a couple years experience all in same company.

  2. Don't go into IT. You need a lot of experience, in order to make a living wage. You also have to a lot of your time and money educating yourself, at your expense in most cases.

  3. Net question that I havent seen anyone asked yet and i'm surprised about is the average hours you work a week. Do you still only work 40 at most? a typical work work for an hourly employee is 40 hours a week and any more gains overtime pay. When getting into IT some positions except entry level ones appear to be salary based. With a salary based pay do you still get overtime and if so how do they determine overtime pay? how do they determine if you qualify for overtime pay? I had heard with some salaried employees from other business that you need to make under a certain amount to qualify for over time pay as well. Could you share info about this with us?

  4. Salary is going to be heavily dependent on where you live. I am in the D.C. area, I make around double what I made in Vegas when I lived there. However, the cost of living is insane in the D.C. area so it really does all depend on where you live.

  5. In the Denver Area, starting IT is around 40K-50K. Denver has a pretty healthy IT market if you're looking for a job.
    There's plenty of jobs that are 75K+ if you have more experience.

  6. I started in IT (Helpdesk) in 2001. Worked my ass off, making ~$32k. Built up my reputation and networked a lot within the company. Got on supporting senior Executives and got a huge raise. Took on projects and things outside of normal break fix. Became an technical PM and now make > 4x's what I did 15yrs ago. Bottom line: Work hard, always do more than what is expected , look for opportunities to do things outside of your normal job and build your network.

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