14 thoughts on “Breaking News | Mexico’s economy and technology

  1. my coment america continent. didnt need white peaple to survive. we didnt need as they say god laind or on god we trust .you back to eurup that is you continent if you level trustig you god. but cince you stuped i say you are shit because you dont know what america continent religion is . or to whoever or fucking god that you can say

  2. Mexican economy is doing great because of all the American companies moving down there.   The amusing thing is, once the great wall is built all those companies will be fucked because the border will be closed to commerce and they will not be able to export those goods back to America any longer….  Haha!

  3. What the hell are you saying the U.S. economy is "in recovery". U.S.A. is the poorest and most in debt since the 1930's. Many U.S. cities are jobless wastelands thanks to Obama and crooked Wall Street/Hillary Clinton. Almost all the jobs hard working Americans once had have been sold off to countries that REFUSE to pay a living wage. Mexican Families working in unsafe, abusive factory conditions 14 hours a day for 50 cents an hour only to come home to a dirt floored shack with not enough food to go around. Only the fat cats get rich from NAFTA.

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