10 Best Video Games Of 2017

10 Harsh Ways Video Games Punish You For Rage Quitting – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUeSQeaH1ls

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22 thoughts on “10 Best Video Games Of 2017

  1. I wonder what the process was of selecting the games because they don't know what games are on the list. They even admit they haven't played some of the games so I can't take this list seriously. You can't make a list even if it's your opinion, if you haven't actually played all the games your listing. Also, this is the first time I've seen the Crash remake on a 2017 top 10. Smh

  2. 4 British idiots discussing games. I subbed. Just for the banter. Because British people are fucked up and drink tea all day. Seriously though….Frankie paved the way.

  3. It's almost like every top 10 list of best games from 2017 is obligated by law to have either Mario Odyssey or Breath of the Wild at #1. Any list that doesn't usually gets completely annihilated with dislikes.

  4. How much money play Sony? for this numbers the 2 best game are PS4 franchises, is basically the same to other similar games and didn't made any new… specially if you put a similar Horizon game like BOTW, below Crash another Sony Game with no real elements to be better than Zelda, couldn't find another unjustified top 10… Horizon vs BOTW is justified the preference both games are similar and it's ok when someone prefers one from another, but so far to each other sound so illogical, the same critics i set when in some top 10 put Horizon and Botw too far from each other…

  5. This has to be the worst list among all the youtube channel …Pyre is much better than Mario oddessy? Injustice and pyre should have been in 10-15 place …crash bandicoot only selling point is nostalgia it's not even Worthy of top 15. Watch Angry joe, pro jared and Videogamedunky review….those guys are solid reviewer.

  6. Guys!!! A remaster?!!  Come on – surely a list like this should be celebrating creativity and innovation.  As much as a remastered Crash Bandicoot LITERALLY made me want to buy a PS4 (MORE SO THAN HORIZON!!) there's just no way you can tell me that it was better than Mario Odyssey or Injustice 2?!  Not cool.  Also – how did Origins not get a mention…?

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